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I love to spend time getting ready for our date and nothing feels worse than you cancelling at the last minute. Therefore, please confirm your schedule before making an appointment with me.

Your first contact with an Juhu escort is important – first impressions counts.
Juhu Escorts are selective about their clientele, and in a very short time they will sum you up to see if you are someone they are comfortable to meet.

Many private Juhu escorts have a preferred contact method, which she knows works best for her. It is important to follow any instructions as this will be the best way you can reach her. The majority of Juhu escorts will not answer calls from private numbers, so ensure your number is unblocked before dialing her.

A text message, email or phone call that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. Simply introduce yourself, give your location as well as your preferred date, time and duration of the booking. If leaving a message, advise her if you have a preferred contact method or time to reach you.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

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